30th April 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

No, things won’t go back to normal after Covid-19

30th April 2020

Mark Cunningham Writer The coronavirus has highlighted the flaws in our decaying government system so things shouldn’t go back to normal following this universal shakeup.  Since the lockdown began, “when this is all over” has seemed to go hand-in-hand with “when everything goes back to normal”. Of course, there is no feeling more universal in ...

How to get your sports fix in the middle of a pandemic

30th April 2020

Jordan Hunter Deputy News Editor A list of the greatest sports movies With the majority of sporting events being cancelled and postponed for the foreseeable future, the sports community is evidently suffering. While we can rewatch the glorious highlights of past triumphs all we want, it’s just not the same at all – largely because ...

The mystery of quarantine-induced nostalgia

30th April 2020

Zuza Filipiuk Writer Zuza Filipiuk discusses how quarantine has helped her rediscover her old self as she delves deep into childhood nostalgia. From cutting your bangs, to baking, to getting baked, quarantine is bound to make us all a little crazy. Sometimes it is because we are bored to death, while other times we simply ...