7th May 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

Why Tiger King deserves to have its documentary status revoked

7th May 2020

Ella Bagameri Writer Whilst Joe Exotic might claim to be king of the jungle, he certainly shouldn’t be championing your social media feed. In many ways, Netflix’s new documentary series Tiger King resembles a Baroque painting: it’s unnecessarily complicated, grotesque and full of drama – but you can’t look away. Due to its compelling nature, ...

Isolation creations: the 10 day art challenge

7th May 2020

Rebecca Scott Culture Editor Join Culture Editor Rebecca Scott as she attempts to ground herself in creativity when class cancellations have left her feeling directionless With classes having now been cancelled for a while, the COVID-19 lockdown is feeling more bleak each day. It seems as though many students have fallen victim to a sleep ...

GTA contracts cut short due to coronavirus

7th May 2020

Tara Gandhi Editor-in-Chief A number of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) have had their contracts cut short due to the coronavirus crisis. GTAs from the School of Social and Political Sciences received an email telling them there would not be enough work available next year for those on two year contracts to complete the second year, ...