21st June 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

How do we fix policing in America?

21st June 2020

Jordan Hunter Deputy News Editor Ohioan Jordan Hunter examines he believes the policing model in America can be fixed, and what’s preventing it from succeeding I think it’s obvious there is a problem with policing in America. While I’ll never know what it’s like to be a minority and what their interactions with police are ...

Social distancing means taking time to love yourself… and your body

21st June 2020

Joe Evans Writer Joe Evans offers the best cure for your double whammy of horniness and loneliness during lockdown: a wank. As the various governments of the UK each try to create their own path back to normality, I think it’s quite safe to say that the same restrictions on social interaction are going to ...

Anti-lockdown protests aren’t saving lives, they’re killing them

21st June 2020

Ross McCool Writer Ross McCool examines the danger of the anti-lockdown protests across the globe.  After many nations have instituted the greatest lockdown in human history, many anti-lockdown protests have taken place across the globe, including close to home in Glasgow Green. However, the protests that are currently happening in the United States have gained ...