12th July 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

The privatisation of space

12th July 2020

Isobel Thomas-Horton Writer Isobel Thomas-Horton gives ethical consideration to the privatisation of space. In 2011 Nasa created perhaps the highest stakes game of capture the flag in the history of mankind. An American flag was placed over the capsule hatch on the International Space Station and American companies were challenged to retrieve it. On 1 ...

The problematic prejudice of the British media strikes again

12th July 2020

Karolina Omenzetter Writer Karolina Omenzetter addresses the issue of institutional racism in the British media in reaction to their coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has successfully made the discourse surrounding systemic racism difficult to brush under the carpet. However, the UK’s media coverage remains to have a ...

How safe is your genetic data?

12th July 2020

Margaret Hartness Writer Services like 23andMe can be fun but do they put our privacy at risk? Everybody wants to know where they’re from, who they’re related to, and what they’re at risk of. From questions of paternity to screening for diseases, genetic testing has been a rigorous and serious endeavour. With big businesses like ...