18th October 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

A guide to harmonising with your home study space

18th October 2020

How the ancient art of feng shui can help you organise and optimise working from home this year.  Students are working from home this semester as part of the slightly perplexing “new normal.” The term the new normal refers to the state into which an economy or society settles following a crisis that differs from ...

A book that changed my life: The Guilty Feminist

18th October 2020

Emily describes how Deborah Frances White’s book answers all the questions we were too afraid to ask. Dominant discourses often depict feminism as an angry movement filled with “angry”, “difficult”, and “nasty” women. In The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances-White, feminism is depicted as something joyful and kind that makes the world a better place. ...

Anything I can do, you can do better

18th October 2020

Why we should learn to not compare ourselves so harshly to our peers online. We are all guilty of losing ourselves down the social media rabbit hole, mindlessly scrolling through image upon image, status upon status, immersed in the lives of others. For most young adults in the UK, coming of age in the era ...