27th November 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

What’s the point of reading?

27th November 2020

Ha Neul Lee explores whether reading is still relevant in the age of the internet. In an era where knowledge is just a Google search away, remembering information is getting less and less important. There is, apparently, just no incentive to read. People can watch film or TV adaptations of fictional novels. Information from non-fiction ...

The reality of ‘long Covid’

27th November 2020

Morgan Carpenter explores the lasting effects of Covid-19. Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the UK, and with it reports of so-called “long Covid” (formally called post-acute Covid-19). Associate professor in public health at the University of Southampton Nisreen Alwan described “long Covid” in a recent panel with the British Medical Journal as “not recovering ...

Diego Maradona: The Golden Boy

27th November 2020

On Wednesday evening the world was brought the news that Diego Maradona, arguably one of the greatest footballers to ever have played, had died aged 60. Diego Maradona is regarded as one of the greatest men to have ever kicked a football, idolised by hundreds of millions worldwide. When you think football, you would not ...