15th December 2020 - The Glasgow Guardian

Endless news consumption doesn’t benefit any of us

15th December 2020

There is such a thing as too much news. Some days, keeping up with the news can feel like you’re drowning. In our age of information, the “bad stuff” can feel inescapable – 86% of us reach for our phones within an hour of waking up, 33% within five minutes. The news is no longer ...

Exploring Glasgow’s green spaces

15th December 2020

A guide to some of our locale’s loveliest outdoor parks and walks.  If Covid-19 has shown me anything this year, it’s my newfound adoration and deep appreciation of outdoor spaces – specifically those with an abundance of trees and the ambience of flowing water. Between stressful uncertainties of online classes, deadlines, jobs, and various other ...

Self love and sex toys in the time of isolation

15th December 2020

It’s a long winter if you don’t have anyone to warm you up – so why not heat up the bedroom on your own? The first time I ever bought and used a sex toy I had just had a terrible breakup. It was a little bullet vibrator which cost about a tenner, but it ...