3rd February 2021 - The Glasgow Guardian

Beeting the bees

3rd February 2021

A pesticide to help sugar beet grow has been approved, but it may harm the bee population. The green light has been given by the UK government for the emergency use of pesticides, which are known for being poisonous and harmful to bees, to help grow sugar beet in the upcoming spring months. In 2018, ...

Experience or exploitation?

3rd February 2021

Should you ever provide work for free as an aspiring artist? There’s a debate in the young artist community over providing artwork for free: should artists have to give away their work with no compensation just for the sake of publicity and to build their portfolio, or should artists still be compensated no matter how ...

Taking the plunge: an exploration into wild swimming

3rd February 2021

Sports Reporter Claire Thomson shares her newfound love of wild swimming in Scotland. During lockdown, keen swimmers up and down the country made the conversion to open water swimming after being faced with the challenge of the Covid pandemic, which forced the closing of leisure centres for over six months in Scotland. Wading into seas, ...