12th September 2021 - The Glasgow Guardian

The problem with Kanye West’s Donda

12th September 2021

A dark, confusing, rambling album with an unacceptable feature: it’s time to stop idealising the shock-rapper’s idea of “bravely” defying public opinion I first discovered Kanye West through an early 2010’s obsession with a Dash-owning, Playboy-modelling Kim Kardashian and her band of merrymen (a Brady–Bunch-on-acid family who doubled as co-stars). The seemingly quiet rapper...

Dude, where’s my flat?

12th September 2021

Georgie Whiteley discusses the current difficulties that students face finding a flat close to university and friends With a new term comes new challenges or, as many have found, challenges which have resurfaced. The student rental market within Glasgow has never been one to favour tenants. Horror stories permeate discussions: seeing your own breath as ...

Glasgow rental market ‘in crisis’ as students desperate to find flats are left with nothing

12th September 2021

The Glasgow Guardian speaks to students and letting agents to investigate the current rent crisis endemic in Glasgow.  Following reports of an ongoing crisis in the city, and after the announcement that The City of Glasgow Council will launch a tenant-led commission to investigate the situation, The Glasgow Guardian spoke to a number of students ...