12th November 2021 - The Glasgow Guardian

In conversation with Nicola Sturgeon: what’s the future for Scotland’s climate action?

12th November 2021

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn interviewed the first minister this morning at COP26, discussing the conference, its representation of youth, and how Glasgow really is the best city in the world. Scotland has one of the world’s most ambitious net-zero targets, aiming to cut emissions to this extent by 2045, five years ahead of the rest of ...

Scientist Rebellion deface Scottish Power building

12th November 2021

Scientist Rebellion stage protest greenwashing done by large companies. On Thursday 11 November Scientist Rebellion (SR) hosted two protests against the climate crisis. One took place on the South Portland St. suspension bridge and the other at Scottish Power on St. Vincent Street. The first action took place at 1.30pm when co-founder of SR, Tim ...

Are targets being achieved?

12th November 2021

The COP26 draft deal has been revised since its first publication on Wednesday. What is the newest announcement, and what are we still needing from the final announcement? The mainstay topics of the climate conference have included “adaptation, negotiation, and finance”, as reinforced by Boris Johnson in his recent press conference at COP26. In this ...