29th December 2021 - The Glasgow Guardian

Winter exams weighing you down? It’s time to take a break

29th December 2021

As the days get darker and the stress gets heavier, it’s important to not lose track of who you are and why you came to uni. Rewind to September. As our glorious summer faded and the dust settled on what was for me an excellent 1B, I couldn’t help but think that the high-grade glories ...

Travelling the world through the power of food

29th December 2021

Elena Adams shares why she thinks that trying new food is the best part of travelling. People travel for many reasons; the weather, scenery, tourist attractions, and to experience different cultures. But, if you’re anything like me, then the best reason is the food. It could be in a local restaurant, or a food truck ...

It was the best of times, it was the age of foolishness: my four years at Glasgow

29th December 2021

Fourth year Iona Murfitt reflects on her experience at Glasgow, what she has learned, and her advice for current first year students. I’m looking at the class photo that we took in first year. Couldn’t I keep my eyes open? What am I wearing? Wasn’t it yesterday when I groggily stumbled off the coach at ...