25th March 2022 - The Glasgow Guardian

Could dress coding be a good thing?

25th March 2022

Marine Ourahli explains how the worlds of coding and fashion can combine to create a more sustainable design through wearable technology. Technology makes, it imagines and it can also be worn. The current situation between the pandemic and climate crisis has pushed the fashion industry to reinvent and rethink itself in order to remain relevant. ...

Are we abandoning accessibility measures?

25th March 2022

Are we forgetting the valuable lessons about accessibility that have been brought about by the pandemic?  In some ways, lockdowns have been a godsend in terms of accessibility, particularly in the workplace and university. In other aspects, it’s been a nightmare. Of course, for many people who are disabled or chronically or mentally ill, there ...

Glasgow Film Festival 2022: Baby Assassins

25th March 2022

Patrick praises the quirky, albeit violent, comedy action flick from young Japanese director Yûgo Sakamoto. Yûgo Sakamoto’s Baby Assassins is a masterpiece of modern Japanese cinema, telling the story of two teenage girls who balance their everyday lives with a secret career as hitmen. Although it was shown as part of the Glasgow Film Festival’s ...