29th October 2022 - The Glasgow Guardian

Girls’ Night In: One year on

29th October 2022

The “Girls’ Night In” boycott happened a year ago. Have clubs and bars become any safer for women since? When I think of Girls’ Night In, I wish my mind would instantly go to large quantities of rosé, a catch-up over laughs, and memories of throwing popcorn at that one girl who won’t stop drunkenly ...

Nosferatu: the first vampire film

29th October 2022

In honour of its 100th anniversary, Sam Mutch explores the creation and legacy of German horror classic Nosferatu. When you think of a classic horror film, what comes to mind? Some of the most common answers include The Shining (1980), The Exorcist (1973), and Psycho (1960). But, nestled amongst the greatest horror films of all ...