23rd November 2022 - The Glasgow Guardian

Comment: SRC President on #CapStudentNumbersNow

23rd November 2022

SRC President Rinna Vare explains the student body’s campaign for the University to cap student numbers. Let’s play a game. What do all the following experiences of Glasgow Uni students have in common? A series of unsuccessful flat applications? Lecture theatres without Wi-Fi? Cancelled society events? The same class in a different room every week? Being ...

Number of undergraduate offers to international students more than doubles over last five years

23rd November 2022

While offers to international students more than doubled, those made to students from the rest of the UK have increased by 53% over the last five years. An investigation by The Glasgow Guardian has revealed that the University of Glasgow has doubled the number of offers handed out to international students over the last five ...

Another month, another prime minister

23rd November 2022

The Glasgow Guardian critically examines what the UK’s latest Prime Minister Rishi Sunak means for the future of the country. After only 44 days in office, Liz Truss became the shortest serving prime minister (PM) and second Conservative prime minister to resign in a matter of months. Her replacement Rishi Sunak, who lost out on ...