11th March 2023 - The Glasgow Guardian

Glasgow Film Festival 2023: What Sex Am I?

11th March 2023

Lee Grant’s documentary, including footage with Christine Jorgensen – the first person to undergo gender reassignment surgery – is shamefully important over thirty years after its release. Were it not for their gender, most of the people interviewed in What Sex Am I? would make pretty boring subjects. A former PE teacher and a computer ...

Broker Review: Intimate and ultimately very human

11th March 2023

Broker stands tall as a poignant and beautiful addition to Hirokazu Kore-eda’s filmography. “Thank you for being born.” It’s a simple yet beautiful line, especially considering its context in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s newest film, Broker. Who would have thought that a film about traffickers trying to sell a baby would be one of the most heartwarming ...

The problem with abortion reversal pills

11th March 2023

The relationship between a Glasgow pro-life group and a promoter of the so-called abortion reversal pill sparked controversy in the university community. The pill isn’t even officially medically recognised, so how did it come to be?  Former President of the UK Catholic Medical Association and promoter of so-called abortion reversal treatment, Dr Dermot Kearney was ...