9th October 2023 - The Glasgow Guardian

Appin Warriors Premier League fostering support for men’s mental and physical health through football

9th October 2023

Gary Thorn, A.W.P.L Founder and Chairman of a division in Scotland’s Amateur Football, proudly says his league is the sole initiative in the country that is dedicated to supporting players both physically and mentally. Content warning: Mental Health After the creation of the Warriors Premier League (WPL), the sports brand Appin has partnered with the ...

Scotland’s Euro2024 campaign so far

9th October 2023

With their next fixture looming against Spain, Steve Clarke’s men have shown some top performances in qualifying for the 2024 European Championships that have restored faith and excitement among many Scots. I, like many of my fellow Scots I’m sure, despaired when I first saw Scotland’s qualifying group for Euro 2024. Okay, there will always ...