27th October 2023 - The Glasgow Guardian

GUU hosts second GU Boxing Club Fight Night

27th October 2023

Glasgow University Boxing Club hosted its October Fight Night in the GUU with some cracking contests.  Glasgow University Boxing Club (GUBC) hosted its second Fight Night on the weekend of October 20-22. Golden Gloves Fight Night was an exhibition fight dubbed by the hosts as “undeniably the best night of the year.” The event took ...

Dominant Strathclyde side overpowered GUFC Men’s 1s to win 6-0

27th October 2023

Strathclyde defeated GUFC 6-0 on 25 October resulting in one of Glasgow’s biggest defeats in the season so far. Another Wednesday, another Aldi Cup match for Glasgow University Football Team Men’s 1. Held at Garscube Sport Complex, this week’s opposing team was Strathclyde Men’s first team. The two teams were tied for second place on ...