28th November 2023 - The Glasgow Guardian

A review: Jockstrap at Glasgow Classic Grand

28th November 2023

It was perhaps the most Jockstrap thing ever… They’ve just opened for Blur at Wembley, have over two-hundred thousand monthly Spotify listeners, have an album shortlisted for a Mercury Prize and they still choose a tiny, intimate, bizarre 500-person venue on Glasgow’s energetic Jamaica Street to kick start their tour. The venue usually hosts a ...

Daft Punk: A Retrospective

28th November 2023

A love letter to “dafty punky thrash”. Forming in 1993 and disbanding in 2021, Daft Punk gifted the world 4 studio albums, 2 live albums, a soundtrack album, and two films. The impact the robots have had on both music and the wider world is difficult to explain. The duo sold over 10 million records ...

Watching Squid live from afar

28th November 2023

Music Editor Daniel sends out an expert team to review Squid live at the Barrowlands. Squid defy categorisation. They combine a plethora of approaches, from post-punk to krautrock, creating whirling compositions of tension and release. They are, naturally, a band which any good music editor should want to see; however, when duty calls elsewhere, who ...