28th January 2024 - The Glasgow Guardian

Why are we not voting to save the planet?

28th January 2024

As the General Election looms, it appears the economy is more important to voters than the environment, despite the urgency of the climate crisis. 2023 was confirmed to be the world’s hottest year on record, with a streak of 116 days breaking daily records for global air temperatures. With a General Election imminent within the ...

What we lose when we defund the arts

28th January 2024

Art enriches our lives in countless ways, and we must protect its ability to thrive. You wake up to your favourite song. You prepare a breakfast you saw in an online video and take time to make it pretty while you listen to a podcast. You pick out your favourite clothes. You walk to the ...

The World Marches for Palestine

28th January 2024

Image Credit- Ian Hutchinson (unsplash)...