10th February 2024 - The Glasgow Guardian

Scottish Labour – the change Scotland needs?

10th February 2024

Will Scottish Labour learn from their past mistakes and be able to oust the SNP in the next election? “The change Scotland needs” is the current motto of Scotland’s Labour Party. Currently, there are 22 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) from Scottish Labour, led by Anas Sarwar. In the House of Commons, the party ...

Homelessness in Glasgow- what can be done?

10th February 2024

Glasgow has the second most homeless people in the UK- why is that and what can be done? Homelessness is a social issue that is widely discussed throughout society, the news, newspapers, and in academia. It is an issue that constantly needs addressing due to the state of the legal system implemented in the UK. ...

MBEs or just mates? The broken state of the British honour system

10th February 2024

Is the honours system outdated or simply missued? Even after the sun set on the British Empire over thirty years ago, its honours system lives on. However, these once revered honours have fallen from the peak of the colonial heyday and into rock-bottom regard in the eyes of most, who see the system as opaque ...