13th March 2024 - The Glasgow Guardian

Donald Trump, round two

13th March 2024

 A dictator starting on day one: Anne van Hoose on Donald Trump’s second presidency A growing number of people fear Donald Trump will return to the US presidency in the next election. As the race moves forward, it becomes an ever-valid concern. The answer to the looming question ‘will Trump be able to be re-elected’ ...

Hidden in plain sight: Reform UK

13th March 2024

The Glasgow Guardian examines the extent to which Reform UK could disrupt the British political climate, and how they obtained their subtle control From the ashes of the single-issue Brexit party, Reform UK has established itself as a threat to the Conservative party, despite currently having no MPs. In 2019, Reform UK had agreed not ...

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran’s ceramic idols come to Tramway

13th March 2024

Idols of Mud and Water at Tramway presents Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran’s work in his first solo exhibition in the UK Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran’s art is a much-needed antidote to the gloom of winter in Glasgow. Idols of Mud and Water, his installation currently on display at Tramway, is an amalgamation of colourful, eccentric sculptures within ...