28th September 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

Strathclyde Union to add lids to cups in bid to stop spiking

28th September 2018

Georgina Hayes Editor-in-Chief Strathclyde University Union will be offering lids for all drinks served at their bars in hopes to stop people from having their drinks spiked. The union has ordered 1,000 lids on a trial basis. The decision was prompted by a Facebook campaign “Girls Against Spiking”, which has been set up to raise ...

Is Gatsby really so great?

28th September 2018

Emily Hay Books Columnist In this series Emily Hay explores whether or not classic novels deserve their sanctified places on our bookshelves. All opinions are her own as an avid reader of books. Don’t @ her. The Great Gatsby is held up in popular culture as this idyllic, glamorous piece of art. What first comes ...

Review: Anna and the Apocalypse at GYFF

28th September 2018

Anna Rieser and Chris Dobson Writers Scotland’s zombie apocalypse Christmas musical Kicking off the Glasgow Youth Film Festival this year was Anna and the Apocalypse, a delightfully quirky zombie apocalypse Christmas musical. Yes, you read that right. Based on the 2011 short film Zombie Musical by the late Scottish director Ryan McHenry, this bizarre genre ...