2nd October 2018 - The Glasgow Guardian

Creative Conversations: Richard Holloway on dying and the value of poetry

2nd October 2018

Niki Radman Writer “The bus might have already left the depot.” Richard Holloway seems on good terms with death. He has been reading a lot of obituaries lately and finds the activity “strangely comforting”. The writer, philosopher and former Bishop of Edinburgh was this week’s guest on “Creative Conversations”, where he discussed the prospect of ...

Former President of Ireland to join University of Glasgow

2nd October 2018

Kelton Holsen Reporter Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese is to join the University of Glasgow as a Professor of Children, Law, and Religion. McAleese will be serving in both the College of Arts and College of Social Sciences and will begin her term in the 2018/2019 academic year. McAleese was President of Ireland for ...