15th March 2019 - The Glasgow Guardian

In defence of Our Future, Our Choice and a People’s Vote

15th March 2019

Harry McNeill Writer On March 12 the Glasgow Guardian published a rather confused opinion piece by one of its News editors that criticised the Glasgow branch of Our Future, Our Choice. OFOC is a student-led organisation that is campaigning for a People’s Vote as a way to break the deadlock that has gripped British politics. ...

Preview: The Gin To My Tonic Show

15th March 2019

Dylan Tuck Culture Editor There’s little more popular a tipple these days than gin. From stealing the limelight at many a food and drink convention, to dedicated gin bars popping up across the nation – almost every episode of Dragon’s Den has at least one pitch involving some delightful gin-filled concoction. There’s no two ways ...

Breaking the cycle of anger

15th March 2019

Jasmine Urquhart Features Editor Jasmine Urquhart studies her own experience in a toxic romance using the latest in relationship research Anger is an extremely complex thing, and it can be very easy to get wrapped up in your partner’s issues, especially if you’re in love and genuinely want the best for them. But it is ...