1st April 2019 - The Glasgow Guardian

UGRacing Ahead

1st April 2019

  Jamie Quinn Science & Tech Editor Just a short while ago I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the University of Glasgow Racing team, found either in their cosy, computer-filled office in the James Watt South, or nestled in their garage, deep in the bowels of the Rankine. Chatting with Oliver, team ...

Finally, a strong, Abel woman

1st April 2019

  Jamie Quinn Science & Tech Editor Just last month the Abel prize, commonly considered to be the Nobel prize of mathematics, was awarded to the first female prizewinner, Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck. Now a professor emeritus at the University of Texas, and a visiting associate at the Institute for Advanced Study, Uhlenbeck’s work has had ...

Puff, puff, pass

1st April 2019

  Patrick Hughes Writer   Since the arrival of e-cigarettes on the U.S. market in 2007, proponents of the vaping pen have heralded it as the modern answer to tobacco and an effective measure in reducing preventable disease. Just as quickly, they were dismissed by critics as wanting for evidence verifying its safety, often arguing ...