14th September 2021 - The Glasgow Guardian

Vice-Principal Professor Fischbacher-Smith on the future of blended learning

14th September 2021

The Principal for Learning and Teaching advises us on what to expect for the year ahead As the University of Glasgow confirmed its teaching will be “blended” this year, the effects of Covid-19 have led to a seismic shift in teaching and learning strategies across the entire higher education system. Beyond the immediate changes to ...

Glasgow’s Declassified Uni Survival Guide

14th September 2021

In five easy steps, any of us can fit right in on campus this year It’s a brand-new year at Glasgow Uni, and a lot of things have changed since the last; we have a fancy new building, we all have to wear masks in the library and, for some reason, against the wishes of ...

GUSA Freshers’ Week

14th September 2021

Here’s your guide on how to get involved in the 50+ sporting clubs that the University of Glasgow has to offer Freshers’ Week is all about getting involved and looking for different ways to break yourself into university life. Finding your feet in a big pond is not always the most straightforward, but when you ...