31st October 2023 - The Glasgow Guardian

Love and Horror in Julia Armfield’s Our Wives Under The Sea

31st October 2023

A woman returns from the deep sea, irrevocably changed. In a small, tidy flat located in an unnamed British city that is “veined with water like the lines on the back of a hand,” housewife Miri tries desperately to reconnect with her wife Leah, who has returned from a disastrous deep-sea mission irrevocably changed. As ...

Glasgow – Host of UEFA Euro 2028

31st October 2023

With Glasgow one of the host locations for the 2028 European Championship, just how impactful could the tournament be for the city, its people and the game? The beautiful game undoubtedly has the unique ability to unite people, cultures, and nations. It transcends borders and languages, and there are few events that epitomise this unity ...